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4 TAI reproductions in J.R.R. Tolkien: A Descriptive Bibliography

This is a listing of all works in the Tolkien Art Index reproduced in J.R.R. Tolkien: A Descriptive Bibliography, presented in the same order. Insofar as TAI at this time indexes only artwork that is not demonstrably un-related to Middle-earth (see Purpose & Scope), this may not represent a complete listing of Tolkien’s art in J.R.R. Tolkien: A Descriptive Bibliography. Note that, as a side effect of presenting items in the order in which they’re reproduced in a book, items represented more than once within a book will be duplicated in this listing.

TAI #2The Hobbit, final binding
friezes tableaux
finished binding
Cirth dragons moon mountains · hills sun
1937The Hobbit A·3·acovers
1988Annotated Hobbit 1 A·3·ddfront coverdragon from front cover only
1988Annotated Hobbit 1 A·3·dd3monochrome
1991’92 Diary E·ii·291992-05-29dragon from back cover only
1991’92 Diary E·ii·291992-07-10part of frieze only
1991’92 Diary E·ii·291992-09-18dragon from front cover only
1993Descriptive Bibliography 5II
1995Art. & Ill. 148142monochrome
2002Annotated Hobbit 2 [i]dragon from front cover only
2002Annotated Hobbit 2 [xiii]dragon from front cover only
2002Annotated Hobbit 2 16, rightmonochrome
2011Art of Hobbit 13598
2018Maker of Middle-earth 320106Bodleian Arch. AA e. 143
TAI #1Dust-jacket for The Hobbit, final art
Bodleian MS. Tolkien Drawings 32r
black ink pencil watercolor white body color
birds · eagles bridges · fords clouds · mists · snow dragons moon mountains · hills rivers · lakes · seas stars sun trees · forests
Erebor (The Lonely Mountain) Esgaroth (Lake-town) Long Lake
1937The Hobbit A·3·adust jacket
1975’76 Calendar (Unwin) E·ii·10front cover
1988Annotated Hobbit 1 A·3·dd3monochrome
1992Life & Legend 5499
1992Family Album 70topright 45% only (front cover)
1993Descriptive Bibliography 6III
1995Art. & Ill. 151144
2002Annotated Hobbit 2 plate three, bottom
2002Annotated Hobbit 2 17monochrome
2011Art of Hobbit slipcase frontcentral 40% only
2011Art of Hobbit [5]spine only
2011Art of Hobbit 138101
2018Maker of Middle-earth [324–25]item 146
2018Tolkien Treasures [84]detail of back cover and spine
2018Tolkien Treasures [102 –] 3
TAI #19Dust jacket design for The Fellowship of the Ring (V)
Bodleian MS. Tolkien Drawings 69r
diagrams · designs
black ink gold ink pencil red ink
eyes rings · jewels · gold Tengwar
1954The Lord of the Rings A·5dust jacketring & eye device, redrawn by printer’s artist
1954The Lord of the Rings A·5front coverring & eye device, redrawn by printer’s artist
1976Drawings E·i·1[back cover]ring & eye device, redrawn by printer’s artist
1976’77 Calendar (Unwin) E·ii·12front coveragainst black background, ring & eye device, redrawn by printer’s artist
1993Descriptive Bibliography 93VIImonochrome, ring & eye device, redrawn by printer’s artist
2015Art of LR 216172
TAI #21The Tree of Amalion
black ink
plants · flowers · grasses trees · forests
1964Tree & Leaf A·7front cover
1979Pictures 1 E·i·2[92]41, left
1991’92 Diary E·ii·291992-07-24
1993Descriptive Bibliography 185VIII
2015Tolkien Estate web site Trees gallery6th item (“Stylized Tree”)

Note: The omission of greeting cards and jigsaw puzzles from the above list of sources is intentional.

All images by J.R.R. Tolkien are copyright © The Tolkien Estate Limited or © The Tolkien Trust.

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