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TAI #428: 1 item

TAI #428Aerial view of part of Mordor

Probably the “little sketch-map” C.T. describes in HM9, p. 34, note 2.

Bodleian MS. Tolkien S 11/2, fol. 25r
blue ink colored pencil pencil
mountains · hills roads · paths
Barad-dûr (Dark Tower) Cirith Ungol Ephel Dúath (Mountains of Shadow) Ered Lithui (Ashen Mountains) Plateau of Gorgoroth Minas Morgul Mordor Orodruin (Mt. Doom) Udûn
2015Art of LR 181143

Note: The omission of greeting cards and jigsaw puzzles from the above list of sources is intentional.

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