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Despite my reliance on the good work of so many others, any errors in this index are strictly my own. But I encourage you to contact me if you spot something that needs to be changed or added.

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Forthcoming (sooner):

2018-08-17: I have entered the large quantity of new data generated by the Bodleian Libraries’s Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth exhibition and its two major publications, the eponymous Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth and the much smaller but still useful Tolkien Treasures. This gives us 69 new entries, for a total of 545 TAI listings!

2018-07-25: Added Tolkien Treasures entries for all relevant TAI items, including (but not limited to the following):

2018-07-19: Subject collections (stars, for example) were being sorted in an almost — but not quite — random order. They are now presented correctly in order by TAI number.

2018-07-17: A four-day visit to the Bodleian Library in Oxford let me check quite a bit of information. Today’s update incorporates all of that work, as well as a few other items that have come to my attention.







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